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This research is due, like all important things in life, to a chance meeting.
A meeting with a monument, in an early afternoon of July. I have forgotten the year.
A feeling, quickly a certainty, that here occured an event that was important to me.
Under the flood of questions both asked by my sons and finding that little was done to inform them in school, I started this research.
This research, we further conducted it together in order to make them understand that for ordinary young men caught in the tumult of extraordinary circumstances, the best and the worst are inextricably linked.

Pierre 'Piet' MICHIELS / December 2011

Latest news

New chapter 13: science of a "Cookie" On 07/08/2017

Written by Pierre

This new chapter 13 describes the sequence of events occurring during the detonation of a 4,000 lb "Cookie" bomb.

New chapter 12: The Bombed OnesOn 25/07/2017

Written by Pierre

This new chapter depicts the organization and the measures taken by the germans, many already before the war, to protect themselves from the effects of strategic area bombing. It also shows that on the British side, the strategy of the use of the heavy bomber as an instrument of mass destruction was built step-by-step throughout the conflict.

New chapter: Summer 1956, a moment balanced in timeOn 08/01/2017

Written by Admin

During summer 1956, an important moment in the life of the Uncle of F/O Billy MOORCROFT, Navigator of Lancaster DS690.

New details in chapter 5 : An ordinary Crew in the battle of the RhurOn 16/02/2015

Written by Pierre

Thanks to the searches led by Pete BUCKLEY (nephew of m-u gunner Ben ROBINSON) new details and pictures are now edited concerning the Australian member of the crew. Writtings by Pete BUCKLEY

Unveilling ceremony at OmskirkOn 14/08/2014

Written by Pierre

Thanks to Mrs Rose HALSALL, the restored monument dedicated to WJ MOORCROFT and other pupils fallen in ww2 has been unveilled at Omskirk Grammar School. Relatives attended the ceremony. More details in chapter "Tribute to DS690 crew in UK"

Chapter 6 \On 30/09/2013

Written by Pierre

New evidence collected from Jean VANMOSNENCK, 13 years old at the time, hosted in Auby. A moving light on the still vivid memory of sensations and sentiments experienced by a young teenager at the sight of the horror of war.

New Chapter dedicated to the commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the loss of lancaster DS690On 19/07/2013

Written by Pierre

Pictures taken on july, 13th, 2013 during the Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the loss of DS690's crew.

Very moving moments.

Apart from RAF and RAFA representatives, local Civil and Military Authorities, relatives also attended the Ceremony: fam. BAIRD, fam. MATTHEWS, fam. MOORCROFTand fam. WALKER.

chapter 4On 02/03/2013

Written by Pierre

Nachtjagd: details and picture on creeping attack used in summer 1943

chapters 5 and 7On 25/02/2013

Written by Pierre

Updates and new details concerning Sgt JEC ODENDAAL service record.

Bienvenue sur la nouvelle version !On 11/02/2013

Written by Admin

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